Label it.

The benefits of a simple label.

1) Labels save time. In a quick glance, you know what's inside a bin, basket, box, folder, or on a shelf without having to open up items to search.

Labels also make it more likely an item will be returned to its proper home, rather than the first place you happen to see.

2) Labels provide clarity to everyone using a space. Most people have to share items or space, whether at home or work, with other people. Labels make it easy for everyone to know where to find and return items. For younger children picture labels are a great option.

3) Labels increase your chances of staying organized, reducing stress and frustration.

They also increase your productivity when you don't have to waste time stressed and searching for what you need.

4) Labels save you money. When you quickly and easily find what you're looking for, you don't waste money having to go out and buy duplicates of items you already have, but can't find.

5) Labels are affordable. There are so many options for labels these days at a variety of stores. Starting at just $1, it is very easy to find some to fit your budget and aesthetic preference!