Bins, baskets, and shelves.

 Bins, baskets, and shelves.

Organized and Simplified 4u can help you stay organized by providing shopping and if needed, shelving assembling services. 

Instead of filling your cabinets with folded clothes/towels, try incorporating containers and/or baskets to reduce the clutter stress, help simplify your life, and stay organized.

From containers, baskets, and labels, to building shelves and more!

The benefits

When using containers, bins, or baskets to organize, you can't see the contents inside which eliminates the visual clutter. This creates a calming effect on your space, and sets limits to how much stuff you are able to keep.

Clear bins/containers are beneficial because they make it easy to see if an item is actually in the box without having to empty it. By choosing all clear, you can make storage appear more uniform.

Baskets are also a great option. They provide easy organization solutions, plus they're stylish and can add warmth to any room in the house.

They are versatile and perfect for storing extra linens, pantry items, bathroom towels and so much more!

Also by adding shelves to your closet or any blank wall, you can create extra space while freeing up your much needed floor area.

Shelves also provide a fashionable presentation. They ensure that often used items are easy to access.